Net Metering / On-Grid Solar Power System

Use Sun to reduce your electricity bill. 

What is Net-Metering?

Net Metering or Reverse Metering is a type of billing system that pays off the customer and reduces the monthly electricity bill. An On-Grid system allows anyone to sell the surplus energy generated from his/her own installed solar powered system and get paid by the local utility company. It works on the principle of a bi-directional rotating meter if your house needs more electricity units than usual you can borrow (buy) them from the utility grid and if your installed system generates more electricity units, you can lend (sell) them to the utility grid and charge the company instead. 

What is it for you in Net-Metering?
  • Reduced electricity bill from 50%-100%, depending on the solar power system and season throughout the year.
  • Be part of green energy producers around the world, put your share in reducing pollution and make the world a better place.
  • Help the community out of the electrical power scarcities and add relief to their daily lives.
  • Almost 100% risk-free investment with simple supervision. 
  • Enjoy an independently sourced power system of your own technically and economically. 
  • Support us to make the environment healthier and carbon free.

System Capacities (Packages).

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