Off-Grid (Hybrid) Solar Power System

What is Hybrid/Off-Grid System ?

An Off-Grid or Hybrid solar powered system has an independent storage unit, in such system the electrical energy generated from the PV panels is stored in a battery bank for consumption in dark hours of the night or in case of grid electricity clampdown. The Of-Grid system is the best solution for isolated and remote regions, agricultural purposes and high load shedding victimized areas. It works on a simple principle that is, the PV panels generate electrical energy an instead of sending it to the load (Appliances) directly it keeps storing part of it in the batteries through the inverter in such a way that no breakout or disruption of electricity is occurred at all.

What is it for you in Hybrid/Off-Grid Systems?
  •  Attain a complete independency from the utility grid and get rid of your bills at once and forever.
  •  Be part of green energy producers around the world, put your share in reducing pollution and make the world a   better place.
  •  Almost 100% risk-free investment with simple supervision and peace of mind.
  •  Enjoy an independently sourced power system of your own technically and economically. 
  •  Support us to make the environment healthier and carbon free.

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