Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Water Pumping Systems

What is a Solar Water Pumping System?
 Solar water pumping system marks its best use in remote areas those bearing no water facilities, farming and           livestock consumption. It simply consist of a PV panel or an array of PV modules to generate electrical energy which   runs  a regular electrical motor, the electrical motor is further connected with a bore pump or surface pump located at     specified depth or distance. 

What is it for you in Solar Water Pumping Systems?
  • Take your farming and agricultural processes and dairy farms to the next level being an independent energy     producer.
  • Get the best solution for your residential water shortages at your premises and own your exclusively designed water pumping system.
  • Be part of green energy producers around the world, put your share in reducing pollution and make the world a better place.
  • Enjoy an independently sourced power system of your own technically and economically.

  • AC-I Phase
  • AC-III Phase
  • DC Systems
Solutions for
Drip Irrigation
 A Drip Irrigation system is the best in terms of its efficiency from all others, its purpose is to enhance the irrigation     process by ensuring that water reaches to each individual root. It serves best the purpose of enriched irrigation with   comparatively minor quantities of water with lower soil absorption and evaporation threats thus lowering energy costs   to great measures.

Flood Irrigation
Flood Irrigation system may not be the most efficient way for irrigation, although it utilizes low cost and tech. It is one of the old methods of irrigation known for its aesthetic aspect and an adequate outcome. Its principle is that a main channel branches out its passages throughout the field and small conduits take the water out to the roots.

  Sprinklers are an automated type of irrigation systems usually suitable for small scale projects. A connection is drawn     out of the main water supply pipe and is extended all along the desired area. However here the system is supported by   solar pumping system.

  Suitable For
  • Domestic Applications/ Farm Houses
  • Irrigation
  • Community Water Supplies
  • Dairy Farms

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