FERROTEK™ Manual Tracking System with flange for 2.5kW PV, Powder coated, movable in 2-D with following spects:

  1. Base Cage dia 3/4"x3.5' 
  2. MS-base plate 15*15*1/2" with 4-supporting arrays
  3. Base Pipe dia 5.5", 3~4mm,
  4. Side plates 24x12x4~6mm with dia 2" pipe 4mm
  5. 2 nos of side arms with ms angle 2x2x6mm
  6. PV mounting angles 2x2x6mm
  7. Automation with PV 150W, PLC FATEK Taiwan, 1kva KS Inverter, Gear Drive Motor 180W SPG H77 Korea, 100AH Gel Battery, PLC Card with weather protected box 16SWG.
  8. Powder coated & strong enough to withstand against high weather conditions & 120km/h wind.
  9. ISO 18001:2007 certified.


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