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Solar Pump Inverters

The pumping inverter controls and regulates the operation of the system, transforms the direct current of solar cell array into alternating current to drive water pump. In addition, according to the change of sunlight intensity, regulate output frequency timely, to realize MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The water pump is driven by Single-phase AC motor. It pumps water from deep well, river, and lake, then inject water into water storage tank/pool, or directly connect with irrigation system or fountain system, etc. According to actual requirements of system and installation, different types of water pumps such as centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump, or deep-well pump can be used.

Product Characteristics
Use independently-developed dynamic VI MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
control method. The response speed is fast. Operation is stable and reliable. It solves the
following problems: tracking effect is poor when sunlight intensity rapidly; operation is not
stable; water hammer damage.
 All digital control. It has complete automatic operation, data storage, and complete
protection functions.
Solar Pumping Inverter is specially designed for solar water pump. The inner structure is
more reasonable and professional.
 All key parts used in solar pumping inverter are made by international famous brands. The
quality is reliable, service life is long, and quality assurance period is long.
The shell of solar pumping inverter is thick. The design process is improved through
abrasive tool test for many times. The appearance is elegant and exquisite, model is
compact, and weight is proper.
solar pumping inverter integrates combiner box. It includes DC switch, lightning arrester,
fuse, and optional components. It greatly simplifies and facilitates equipment installation
and maintenance, but also effectively protects the equipment.

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