Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

High-Pressure Industrial Fans: ATS Engineering has the required competence and proficiency to provide you with customized designs exactly according to your need. ATS Ferrotek Industrial Fans come with a complete package of all standard components.

Fans Types

Centrifugal Backward & Forward Curved Swsi Fans & Dwdi Fan

Typical rugged units with heavy gauge sheets (MS, GI, PVC) provide strength and rigidity for long service life with easy access to the motor for quick and accurate belt adjustment and ease of maintenance.


Centrifugal Cabinet-type fans are available with or without a filter section. Cabinets are fabricated from M.S. sheets with reinforced members to withstand the required duty. Cabinets are available in both single and double-skin configurations


Tubeaxial Fans are designed for ventilation and industrial-process applications. Uses include heat, smoke, and fume removal; process drying with ambient or preheated air; comfort and process cooling and general ventilation.


Used for material conveying in different industries like Cement Industries, Chip Board Industry, Tobacco Industry. • High-Speed Fans with different Static Pressure. • Tailor-made according to the project requirements


Cyclone dust collector is designed specifically for high dust load and product recovery applications. • It has a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to remove dust particulate from the air in industrial applications.


Extended Aluminum compressed air manifold. Modular Manufacturing Solenoid valve & Electronic Timer Polyester-felt Tubular Bag Filters Standard finish with enamel paint Compact Physical size

Storage Tanks

ATS Ferrotek™ Fabricator storage system, max. capacity 250 ~ 1000 Galon, MS
Sheet and S.S sheet storage tanks, all types of Oil & Water Horizontal and Vertical
Storage tanks.

Storage Tanks with a wide range of applications & types:

Kitchen exhaust
Washroom Exhaust

Inline Fans/ Ventilator

Ventilators are adaptable to a wide range of exhaust & ventilation applications including:

  • Kitchen exhaust
  •  Hospitals
  •  Offices
  • Bathroom exhaust
  •  Apartments / DEPOS
  •  Light manufacturin
Sizes 10 to 30 Inches
Backward & Forward Curved Wheel
Direct & Belt-Drive Configurations
Easy positioning and Quick Installation
Construction with/without Filter